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Healthcare Huddle

Is Medical Marijuana a Legitimate Industry?

Determining what makes medical marijuana a legitimate industry is complex. Fortunately, our guide is Sara Presler (consultant for The Mohave Cannabis Company) who is leading the industry’s ethics and legislation. As she puts it, “working…

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Healthcare At Home: Is It Time?

Has the time come to provide full healthcare at home? With the pandemic accelerating needs to provide quality healthcare outside of typical facilities, is the future of medicine going to be in each person’s house?…

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Revenue Cycle Management Strategies For Success

Michael Zervas: [00:00:02] I had a very informative conversation with Stephen Pfeiffer, President of Encompass Health Care Data Solutions and a former Malcolm Baldrige Excellence Award winner about revenue cycle. And he gave some really…

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The State Of Rural Health In America

Michael Zervas: [00:00:01] I had a great conversation with Michelle Mills, CEO of the Colorado Rural Health Center. She explains the perfect storm that has been brewing, which has forced the closure of so many…

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Improving Your IQ on IT

Michael Zervas  0:03  In today’s episode of the healthcare huddle, we welcome Jason Culotta to the show, he is the IT Director. He manages all IT services for Encompass Healthcare Data Solutions. We drill down pretty…

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Effective Team Building In Healthcare

Michael Zervas  0:01  Hi, welcome to another episode of the Healthcare Huddle. I’m your host Michael Zervas. And today’s guest, Shawn Evans gives us a real insight in how to build leaders, how to build teams,…

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Smart Investment Advice For Smart People

Michael Zervas  0:01   Welcome back, everybody. Today we have a very interesting segment on investing in how fear anxiety and avoidance have a big and at times hidden impact on our choices. Justin Harvey has…

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We Launched a Podcast: HealthCare Huddle

It’s time we start simplifying the business of healthcare, don’t you agree? That is why we launched the Healthcare Huddle Podcast, a show focused on distilling best practices from subject matter experts across a myriad…

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Shoring Up Your Business’ Blind Spots

Michael Zervas  0:01  Welcome to the healthcare huddle. Today we have a very informative guest Toby Clary, who is a CPA, as well as a CVA, a certified valuation analyst that specializes in managing, running…

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