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Give Your Registry a Boost
Registry stewards are faced with a growing challenge – encouraging and facilitating successful participation and delivering value to their members. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay viable in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. RegistryBoost provides an unbiased, platform-neutral perspective, helping registries to:

  • Create measures that are relevant and meaningful to participants
  • Understand how measure structure impacts data capture and workflow
  • Engage with potential participants and understand their barriers to entry, etc.
  • Position themselves for sustainability in an uncertain future

Check out our RegistryBoost Resource Center for helpful tips to Boost your registry!



How We Do It

While we can’t give away all our secrets, our process includes a complete review of:

  • Historical performance
  • Participant engagement strategy and current satisfaction
  • Reasons for non-participation among society members/specialty practices
  • Registry data and data platform
  • Measures currently in use and usage frequency
  • Participant feedback reports
  • Competitors and marketplace competing factors

Then, we deliver pragmatic feedback, which can include:

  • Improved measure recommendations
  • Workflow and data capture suggestions
  • Member/non-member engagement strategy based on research results from above
  • Messaging recommendations (and hands-on execution assistance, as needed)
  • Support of front-end engagement with providers via “sales” training, hands-on provider engagement, etc.

If you want to make sure your registry stays ahead of the curve and delivers the most value to your participants, give it a boost.