Community Involvement In 2016: People Helping People

December 30, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close and we realize once again how quickly one year can fly by, let’s take a moment and look back at the great work done by a few groups in the community that allowed Encompass Medical Partners to join in their efforts.   Encompass was very fortunate to be a part of some incredible events this year to help support several non-profit organizations. The people involved give their time and energy into making our community a better place to live for all. This work is vital and the support from members of the community is needed as the time spent and donations given are intended to make real change in many people’s lives.  Calendars fill up quickly and there always seems to be one-too-many things to get done but we would like to thank you for your contributions to these events and allowing EMP to be a part of the Northern Colorado community this past year.

ava-3One such event that Encompass participated in was ‘A Vintage Affair’ put on by Wilbur’s Total Beverage for the benefit of Pathways. Pathways is a multi-faceted, local non-profit that provides a number of essential services to those in our community that are dealing with a loss of life, life-threatening illnesses, as well as hospice care. They have grown and expanded their programs and services in the almost 40 years of serving most of northern Colorado to continue their ability to provide top-rate care for the many needs of the area. Their skilled staff provides all-encompassing care for everyone, whether it’s parents grieving the loss of a child, or for children needing empathy and understanding. They provide personalized care by taking the time to listen and fulfill the needs of their patients.

Encompass was happy to be one of the partners in Pathway’s only annual event: A Vintage Affair. This event brought in nearly $70,000 in 2016, a substantial one-time gain. These funds go to vital programs that aren’t always covered by Medicare or Medicaid. These programs are created to address and cover the growing needs of our friends and neighbors in the northern Colorado community. The funding provides the ability to service fully formed programs such as grief counseling for children, via activities like art and music. In fact, one of the truly remarkable services that Pathways offers is uncompensated care for patients without insurance, clients with needs that would be turned away from other doorsteps. Proceeds from A Vintage Affair allow Pathways to continue to provide essential services and quality patient care to people in our community who otherwise may not have the means. These proceeds also fund Pathways’ bereavement programs, so the approximately 600 children they served in 2016 were given the support they need thanks to the involvement of all of the ‘A Vintage Affair’ sponsors and participants.

The words of Pathway’s Donor Relations Officer Marsha Sesskin best describe the impact of the services provided thanks to the generosity of their donors:

“Pathways has served our community for more than 38 years, shining light in the darkest spaces. We have a responsibility to the community to provide compassionate expert support to each and every patient and their loved ones as they navigate and celebrate the end of life. We use a team approach to tailor the medical needs and caring support to ensure quality, comfort, and respect to patients and their loved ones at a very vulnerable and important time. Pathways provides this service regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. We are grateful to all of our donors and work diligently to steward these gifts. We hope you will join us in investing in the health and well-being of our community.”

We have all at different times experienced loss or grief or known someone close who has. Pathways provides a space and support that can help prepare or heal in these tough times, and as they state in their mission, “fostering dignity, connection, enjoyment, learning and peace.”

So while we look forward to the 16th annual A Vintage Affair in the Fall of 2017, you can stay personally involved with Pathways by keeping their programs supported through donations. If you want to give your time and energy you can also volunteer.

childsafe_3In September, the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite’s held the first annual BBBrew, a Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned BBQ competition and fundraiser. All proceeds went to ChildSafe Colorado, outpatient care for victims of sexual abuse, focusing on children. ChildSafe has several programs to help recent victims, victims of unresolved trauma, as well as, non-offending family members. The ChildSafe team has several highly trained therapists that engage with their clients in a variety of methods, including individual, group and play therapies. What made the BBBrew donations so special was that the funds were ‘unrestricted donations’ which allows ChildSafe Colorado to utilize the proceeds in whichever way they need it most. Many other types of grants and funding place specific parameters and requirements on what the funds go to. These ‘unrestricted donations’ gave ChildSafe Colorado full control of the proceeds, which is vital for non-profit organizations to function. In this, almost $10,000 was raised!

The event was held at Snowbank Brewery where contestants were judged by a panel (one of the judges was a member of the Encompass leadership team!). Patrons were given tickets to try various brews with their BBQ.

Kerrie Luginbill, the Public Relations Chair of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite, said,

“The event, BBBrew for Hope, was the first fundraising event that the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite has ever put on and we surpassed our fundraising goal thanks to the support of our sponsors, attendees and the barbecue competitors who donated their winnings back to our cause. 

ChildSafe Colorado is the only comprehensive outpatient treatment program for child and adult victims of childhood abuse. Treating over 700 clients each year, the work that ChildSafe does is incredibly important to our community and something that everyone in our Rotary club stands behind.”

Additional funding can help to ensure that the ChildSafe therapists have the best tools to assist their clients. To continue supporting ChildSafe Colorado, please feel free to donate here. Or to learn more about volunteering here.

If you are looking to be a part of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite, who do great things across our community go here.

Food Bank of Larimer County Corporate Food Fight
Food Bank of Larimer County Corporate Food Fight

In April, Encompass Medical Partners took part in the month-long Corporate Food Fight to raise money for the Food Bank of Larimer County. The event itself raised an incredible $161,116 and also brought in 5,678 pounds of food! Going 17 years strong, the Corporate Food Fight brings together local businesses to put on food drives, actual food fights, bake sales or any number of creative ways to raise money for hunger-relief programs for the people of Larimer County. The money raised in this event by 34 different companies helps the food bank continue to serve the people in our community which is nearly 36,000 people every year!

Through the Food Bank of Larimer County, every dollar donated turns into five dollars’ worth of food. This is done through all variety of donations, food drives, wholesalers, and farms. So after it is all said and done the 2016 Corporate Food Fight campaign brought in around $800,000 to pay for food for people in need.

The Food Bank of Larimer County puts on many food drives and events throughout the year to help support low-income families, children, seniors, and vets which are driven by volunteers. To learn more, go here. There are many ways to donate, whether it is by food, money or events. To donate, go here.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the Newcomers Kick-Off Breakfast in March if you are looking to get involved in the next Corporate Food Fight. There they will give information to newcomers to join.

img_3424-3Wine, Women, and Shoes was another fun event in which proceeds went to benefit CASA for Children of Larimer County. This event brought in $100,000 from around 300 attendees.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for Children of Larimer County functions as crucial partners in fighting in court for the best interests of neglected or abused children. Volunteers meet regularly with the child assigned to them by a judge. They also work directly with medical professionals and family members to assess what is best for the child. This non-profit trains and manages the volunteers as they work with the children. The proceeds from an event like Wine, Women, and Shoes serves to fund the recruitment of volunteers, their extensive training, as well as their supervision. The training of these volunteers is thorough as they often stick with the child for the life of the case. So it is important that these volunteers are as prepared and as equipped as they can be to best serve the kids.

CASA serves another critical function through Harmony House, which provides a safe space for supervised visits between children and non-custodial family members. The Harmony House established a public place where a neutral professional can be present during visits. Often, these visits are relegated to offices or police stations which can feel cold and intimidating to the children. The Harmony House, which was donated to CASA, provides a warm and inviting environment where the kids can feel safe and enjoy themselves.

Lynn Oesterle-Zollner, the Executive Director of CASA on the work done in 2016:img_3253-5

“By the end of this year, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of Larimer County will have provided personal advocacy for over 180 children who have been the victims
of abuse and neglect and whose parents are involved in court cases. We help another 320 stay connected with family members through our Harmony House Supervised Visitation and Exchange program. Those numbers are staggering, but even more notable is that represents about one-third of the children who need us every year. It costs us approximately $1,100 a year for every child we reach…an unbelievably low cost due to our dedicated volunteers who help us maximize every dollar. Every year we start anew to raise the awareness and the funds to make sure we can help more and more children. They are our next generation of community citizens and we all want to be sure they are able to live productive and rewarding lives. We are grateful for the support of Encompass Medical Partners as we work to be sure our most vulnerable children have a consistent caring adult to be their voice in court and a safe place in the community to maintain important relationships with their family members.”

Children in situations of neglect or abuse often have little protection and no resources in court cases. CASA provides this help to give children a fighting chance at a better life. To help CASA reach children in need please, go here to donate. If you would like to volunteer, click here.

A sincere thank you to those that have contributed to these events with your time and your donations. We are grateful to have organizations like Pathways, ChildSafe Colorado, the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite, the Food Bank of Larimer County, and CASA, who do such impactful work to help strengthen and heal our community. We look forward to a positive 2017 and to our continued outreach to groups and individuals in need of support.

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