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We will implement a HIPAA-compliant, custom strategy built to fit your company needs. Each business is unique: we have experience in surgery centers, hospitals, and private practices and we are ready to provide security for you. We will choose and manage strategic vendors that make sense for your business and we will implement specific policies to keep these vendors compliant and up-to-date in the regulatory clinical environment. Through any potential downtime or attack, you can rest easy knowing your business is prepared to handle all of it. With these worries off the table, your practice has more room for your patients.

The potential damages through attacks or catastrophic events can be a constant worry. Our Healthcare IT team will make sure your business is secure from end-to-end. Led by very capable and experienced leaders, we will provide the security and peace of mind you need against malware attacks. Brett Preston, John Klimcak and Jason Culotta round out a team experienced in all aspects of IT security and prevention. Tim Annable, the Chief Data Scientist of EHDS, understands how to lead teams and implement secure networks and storage. In case of catastrophic events, we have the tools and strategy to seamlessly recover losses and minimize impact. Your preparedness in the face of attack is our priority. From the help desk to storage to installing and updating anti-malware software, this team has the know-how and strategy you need.