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Credentialing requires full attention. But this doesn’t mean it requires YOUR full attention. The tangled web of on-boarding new providers, keeping up to date with government compliance, facility accreditation, malpractice insurance and more cannot be viewed as a secondary objective for a practice. Leave that to us. Our team, led by a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist, will file, track, and update the endless stream of paperwork that comes with maintaining and growing your practice. While you focus on patient care, you can rest assured knowing that we will keep you up-to-date so there are no gaps in coverage, and any on-boarded new providers will be ready to take clients and get paid through proper insurance channels from day one, eliminating any possibilities of lost income.

Your providers will always be current on facility privileges from day one through all reapplication processes. Credentialing for a growing practice can be a web of intricate timelines. We will take these procedures, simplify them, and stay on top of them for you. These necessary functions of a practice shouldn’t detract you from your passion and they certainly shouldn’t cost you money. Lifted of this weight, your practice stays healthy, so you can keep all of us healthy.

Payer enrollment traditionally seems to be a time-consuming process with no clear route or department to handle it full time. The billing office, Medical Staff, and Administrative office all seem likely candidates to handle payer enrollment, but in reality they can only handle aspects and not the whole process causing a broken revenue stream and gaps in coverage for providers. These offices are often given the payer enrollment process on top of their other duties, so the enrollment process gets shuffled from department to department creating mistakes with no accountability.

Allow our dedicated Payer Enrollment team to take this process over. The expertise provided will ensure an uninterrupted revenue stream for your practice while finding this process a proper home. We will devise a strategic on-boarding process for your practice that will ensure the providers are paid as they practice by submitting contracts on time. Our team has the power to expedite the process through their experience of having on-boarded over 500 providers. By being capable of trimming to only the required documents to sign and pre-filling forms where possible, our Payer Enrollment team is equipped to streamline your on-boarding experience.