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Credentialing requires full attention, but that doesn’t mean it requires YOUR full attention.

Credentialing for a growing practice is a web of intricate timelines and paperwork. Our streamlined privileging and enrollment services will save your practice time while ensuring data integrity.

What is the significance?

A thorough credentialing program plays a vital role in supporting an organization’s delivery of safe, effective, and quality healthcare services. Its complex process examines, reviews and verifies professional licenses, certifications, education, and experience to determine the eligibility of a prospective provider for clinical privileges at a facility.

Use our Credentialing Risk Calculator to understand what potential risks your Practice could be exposed to in your current Credentialing processes.


I am ecstatic that Encompass will be taking over credentialing. It is a huge obstacle and I’m very thankful for the help. The billing team has been fantastic. I know that it has been slow going but I feel that speed is picking up. Calm is quietly overtaking chaos.

Jessica Morton
Practice Manager A Step Ahead

How does Encompass help?

Our team, led by a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist, will file, track, and update the endless stream of paperwork that comes with maintaining and growing your practice. While you focus on patient care, you can rest assured knowing that we will keep you up-to-date.

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