Encompass Medical Partners Recommends ePREOP’s Anesthesia Valet to Meet CMS Requirements

January 19, 2015

Seal Beach, Calif. (PRWEB)

ePREOP’s Anesthesia Valet software has been selected by Encompass Medical Partners to capture Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) quality data at multiple sites within the UC Health system.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented the PQRS program to encourage health care facilities and professionals to report quality data. Anesthesiologists who fail to report PQRS data can receive up to a 6% penalty in Medicare reimbursements.ePreop

Encompass Medical Partners is a quality consulting company that offers services to help anesthesia providers differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. Two of Encompass Medical Partners’ anesthesia clients have implemented Anesthesia Valet within the UC Health system.

Anesthesia Valet, offered by ePREOP, is a robust PQRS data collection and submission tool that has helped anesthesia groups standardize their efforts to qualify for CMS incentives and avoid penalties. The software can either be used as a stand-alone tool or integrate with most electronic health record systems.

“We selected Anesthesia Valet, by ePREOP, so our clients could launch the tool directly from within their EPIC platform and avoid the CMS penalties, and also build a full reporting system,” said Encompass CQO Dr. Emily Richardson. “As our selected Quality Platform, we have been thrilled with ePREOP and they have delivered at every stage of the process. Our clients are now providing value to their hospitals, saving money and building robust quality reporting platforms that will improve care for their patients.”

Besides helping groups avoid government penalties, Anesthesia Valet software lets providers distinguish themselves in the marketplace by demonstrating commitment to transparency and quality. ePREOP has earned recognition for perioperative software services that are user-friendly, integrate seamlessly and allow for quick setup and rollout.

In addition to its PQRS reporting capabilities, Anesthesia Valet can serve as the foundation for a full Perioperative Surgical Home. It includes tools for scheduling, patient readiness tracking, readmission prevention, and transitional care management.

“We have offered a complete suite of services with our ePREOP Perioperative Surgical Home software since 2008,” said ePREOP CEO David Bergman, D.O. “Anesthesia groups wanted a fast and simple way to start. In response, we built Anesthesia Valet so it could be accessed as a simple stand-alone offering or a fully integrated solution.”

“Anesthesia groups need something today that helps them avoid the CMS penalties and differentiates them from competing providers. If the group decides to move toward a full Perioperative Surgical Home in the future, they have already built the foundation.”

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