How Much Money Is Your Facility Leaving on the Table Every Month?

Your facility can reclaim thousands of dollars in lost savings. There is a combination of strategies to begin to ease the pain felt with rising costs and declining reimbursements.

Encompass has a 100% success rate of reducing expenses by an average of 20% per savings strategy for the last 20+ years.

“The program has significantly reduced our medical supply related expenses WITHOUT changing vendors or products. This whole process has been simple, easy and has required virtually none of our time.”

– Kristin Price, RN, Facility Director- Palisades Eye Surgery Center Bethesda, MD

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Our Process:

In our initial consultation, we discuss our cost savings process and our shared savings agreement. Because our compensation is based on performance, if we don’t find savings then you don’t owe us anything. If we do find savings, we are compensated for a percentage of the actual, verified savings. Our clients find our data gathering process to be extremely non-intrusive, simple and interruption-free.

Once we have your expense data we begin the cost-containment research and negotiate with your suppliers to obtain leveraged pricing immediately. We do this without sacrificing quality or service. We put to work our unique blend of clinical experience and medical procurement knowledge to provide you with unparalleled savings.

Next, we provide a free, no-obligation Achieved Savings Report which outlines savings strategies and the amount you will save with each recommendation we give.

After you receive the Achieved Savings Report we will implement only the recommendations that you approve. We perform periodic reviews to ensure that you are getting proper pricing. Encompass continuously monitors and verifies your savings at no cost to you!

What You Can Expect:

  • Your expenses will be reduced
    • We guarantee a $25,000 cost reduction.
  • Minimal time will be required
    • Our team will perform non-intrusive work that requires no more than 8 hours/year of your valuable time.
  • There is zero net cost
    • Our only compensation is 50% of the actual, verified savings.
  • You can keep your current vendor
    • Reduce expenses without changing vendors or products.

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