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What Exactly is Cyber Security and Why Do You Need It?

Cyber security, also known as IT Security, is the process, technologies and practices a business or organization employs to protect networks, devices, programs and data from online attackers. More than six trillion dollars are lost annually to cybercrime – that is 7% of the world economy – and it’s not something that your business or organization can ignore.

49% of small to midsized businesses have been hacked. 60% of those businesses shut down due to a breach.

The average cost of a cyber security breach is $7.35 MILLION.


Assess Your Risk with Our Free Online Risk Calculator

Our team has created an interactive tool to assist healthcare practices in determining the potential risks they might be exposed to in their current IT infrastructure.

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Why Choose Encompass?

  • Cyber Security Experience – Receive the benefits of over 30+ years of IT Solutions and management expertise
  • Peace of Mind – We monitor and scan your IT systems 24/7
  • Increased Productivity – We identify and fix issues that keeps your business up and running with less downtime
  • Compliance – We implement enterprise-level security that keeps your data protected and compliant with industry regulations
  • Optimized Technology – We help you get the most out of the technology you already have
  • Analytics & Reporting – We provide comprehensive, regular reporting and insights to ensure your business is operating at its optimal level

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