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Either You Test Your IT Security or the Dark Web Will

Cyber Security breaches are becoming more common, and the cost of recovering information continues to increase. Every organization must regularly stress test their own system for vulnerabilities such as malware attacks, brute force attacks, phishing, unauthorized access and classic human negligence breaches of data to protect themselves.

Lack of due diligence can increase the fines that are levied on top of the direct costs of data recovery, data loss, forensic data specialists, and legal fees. You will also have to manage a tarnished business reputation, the lost trust of your customers and paying ransom to hackers.

The majority of healthcare cyber attacks were financially motivated, and they cost $7.25 million on average.


Encompass’ Process:

Encompass’ highly trained and accredited team will employ their techniques and knowledge of malicious code to the #1 source of hacks and breaches over a purposeful period. At the close of the test period, each partner will receive an analysis and remediation plan.

The Encompass Human Attack Vector Phishing test will identify what percentage of your employees are prone to enabling a breach. As part of the package, Encompass will not only provide a grade for your organization but it will also deliver tailored training solutions.

Why Choose Encompass?

  • Cyber Security Experience – Receive the benefits of over 30+ years of IT Solutions and management expertise
  • Peace of Mind – We monitor and scan your IT systems 24/7
  • Increased Productivity – We identify and fix issues that keep your business up and running with less downtime
  • Compliance – We implement enterprise-level security that keeps your data protected and compliant with industry regulations
  • Optimized Technology – We help you get the most out of the technology you already have
  • Analytics & Reporting – We provide comprehensive, regular reporting and insights to ensure your business is operating at its optimal level


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