Encompass Medical Partners Announces Appointment of New CEO

May 23, 2017

“I am excited to be joining such a highly regarded firm. Encompass has a superior team with loads of experience and talent. And as such, the team is well positioned to help its clients navigate the ever changing world of healthcare”. – Michael Zervas, CEO

Fort Collins, CO

Encompass Medical Partners, LLC is pleased to announce Michael Zervas will be appointed as Chief Executive Officer effective June 5, 2017.

Scott Novogoratz has been serving as the Interim CEO since January 2017 and has maintained an unwavering commitment to our clients and employees.  His professional contributions and proactive leadership has been an integral part in the stability and growth Encompass Medical Partners has experienced.

As CEO, Michael will be charged to continue and improve on the growth of Encompass Medical Partners while demonstrating our core values:

Integrity Be honest, respectful and accountable.

Quality In both service and product.

Innovation Be open, creative and proactive.

Fiscal responsibility For sustainable success.

Collaboration Via close relationships with our customers

Michael is an entrepreneurial executive with transformational leadership experience and joins us following an impressive career developing a number of successful businesses.  By the age of 26, he built Michaels Wilder Group which evolved to become the largest advertising agency in Phoenix, Arizona.   Upon successful execution for his agency, Michael approached Schwan’s Food Service with a franchising model that lead to over a hundred new franchises being developed in a 5-state area resulting in significantly higher revenues. Additionally, Michael served as CEO for Inuit Consulting, an agency focused on assisting medical start-up ventures in plan development, capitalization, and launch.

Prior to accepting his new role with Encompass Medical Partners, Michael was a founding partner for Mountain Heart Health Services. Combining outpatient diagnostic capabilities with inpatient clinic and an outpatient surgical center, Mountain Heart has become the largest and most referred to facility in Northern Arizona.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Vermont. He has continued his education through a grant from the Flynn foundation and is currently on track to receive his masters in LEAN. His commitment to business is matched by his commitment to social responsibilities. Michael sits on the board of several charitable organizations within the U.S. and Canada.

Michael’s track record of success in diverse industries, his wealth of knowledge and experience will ensure Encompass Medical Partners will continue to grow by providing excellent service well into the future.


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