Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Our team of billing experts and coders focuses on getting your providers paid correctly the first time charges are submitted. Our healthcare revenue management staff diligently tracks your claims to garner appropriate reimbursement for the entire life of a patient account, from creation to payment. We educate patients, providers and insurers to help your practice increase net revenue and sustain profitability.

Why the Need for Revenue Cycle Management?

Reimbursement cuts, tougher coding compliance rules, and ever-changing federal requirements can make or break a physician practice.  A highly skilled revenue cycle management team can help to ensure proper claim reimbursement while staying on top of evolving billing regulations.

Revenue Cycle Management Services Include:Healthcare Revenue Management - Encompass Medical

  • ICD-10 procedure coding, diagnosis coding and PQRS coding via claims
  • Translation of patient data and records into insurance and patient billing
  • A seamless claim submittal process
  • Collection of patient balances on self-pay or after-insurance pay, including soft collection calls on overdue accounts
  • Generation of monthly reports to track charge lists, payments and adjustments, aged accounts receivable and collection ratio reports
  • Training on coding and regulations

Customized, Affordable Rates:

  • We offer a free, half hour phone consultation.
  • Charges are calculated based on client preferences.