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How much would getting 75% of your daily charges out the door within 24 hours affect your revenue stream?

Do complex coding rule sets slow your ability to collect what your organization has earned?

The cost of money increases with each day that your organizations encounter sits in queue for a coder to do their increasingly complex job.  Coupled with the tight labor market, the high cost of training these coders, and the high probability of error in the coding process with the payors willingness to slow their reimbursements, the need to modernize revenue cycle is – now.

“25 – 30 percent of the country’s total health care expenditures are direct transaction costs and inefficiencies associated with the ‘claims management revenue cycle’.”

American Medical Association (AMA)

How does our AI Automated/Assisted Coding engine help?

  • Faster time from encounter creation to charges out the door
  • Reduced errors and pursuant denials
  • No new software training required
  • The system works while your team sleeps
  • No new coders needed in a tight labor market

How does our AI Automated/Assisted Coding engine work?

The Encompass AI Coding engine works with your current EHR, billing system and existing work queues.   By working with your current processes and system, the spin up time is minimized and the full benefit of the neural network driving artificial intelligence driven engine can be realized quickly.

The Encompass engine will classify, in a purposefully selected field within your current system’s work queues, each encounter in one of three categories:

          1. Green Queue:  Fully Automated Coding (99.6% accuracy)
          2. Yellow Queue: Assisted coding (Over 90% accuracy)
          3. Red Queue: Not recommended for auto-coding

This system has proven to allow human coders to act as well trained auditors on both the Yellow & Red classified encounters.   The Green Queue will just go out to the appropriate payer with less than a 24 hour lag between encounter submission and charge submission.   This Green Queue is usually subject to periodic QI audits within your organization.

“Yes, the Encompass AI Coding engine will work successfully with the surgical suite, including anesthesia, pathology, and orthopedics.   It was designed specifically to tackle these complex code sets.”

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