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Are You at Risk of a Medical Billing Audit?

The most successful healthcare organizations operate with accurate and complete clinical documentation and an experienced, effective medical billing team. Without the proper medical billing expertise, your practice’s bottom line may be suffering due to the nuances of private payer requirements and government regulations.

Not only is poor medical billing a threat to the financial success of your practice, but it can lead to extensive audits by the Federal Government.


How can Encompass Help?

Encompass Healthcare Data Solutions (EHDS) has an experienced team to handle the billing, coding, payment posting and accounts receivable for your entire healthcare organization. We ensure accuracy on all accounts, full transparency through a propriety interactive client-facing dashboard, providing you with the best picture of your practice. Our internal auditing process allows us to proactively catch issues, keeping your practice profitable and compliant. 

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Coding compliance issues lead to higher risk and potential audit from Managed Care Payers and the OIG. Performing internal audits will allow you to address issues proactively versus reactively once some else finds a compliance issue.

– Steve Pfeiffer, Revenue Cycle Management Director