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Is Your Practice Losing Money Due to Unnecessary Write-Offs?

A write-off is an amount of money that a practice deducts from its accounts receivable, not expecting to collect from a payer or patient. There are a variety of reasons a write-off might be necessary, however, there are also a lot of unnecessary write-offs that can be avoided with better Revenue Cycle Management practices.

Unnecessary write-offs due to improper denial management can cost practices tens of thousands of dollars per month.


Encompass Healthcare Data Solutions (EHDS) has an experienced team to handle the billing, coding, payment posting and accounts receivable for your entire healthcare organization. We’ll work collaboratively with your team to help you eliminate complexity in your practice by focusing on reducing errors, and improving overall billing efficiency and charge capture.

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If you’re not worried about phantom losses – those write-offs and other billing shortcomings you don’t track – you haven’t been paying attention.