Michael Zervas

Director of Client Success

Michael Zervas has established himself as a uniquely successful operator of start-up enterprises. Over the last 25 years, he has personally bootstrapped five consecutive businesses with a combined market cap of over 125 million dollars. Starting at the age of 26, Michael took a 5,000-dollar bank loan and over the next 12 years built the largest advertising agency in Phoenix, Arizona. With gross revenues exceeding $22 million per annum, The Michaels Wilder Group serviced fortune 1,000 clients where Michael honed his advertising, marketing and sales skills earning numerous regional and national awards for his campaigns.

Upon executing a value realizing event for his agency, Michael next approached Schwan’s Food Service with the idea to develop a franchising model for their grab and go line of products. Awarded the pilot program, he quickly developed an area plan encompassing Arizona, New Mexico, California and Nevada. In two short years, Branded Food systems had opened over 87 new franchises and the area was producing over 6 million in revenue. After 3 years, over 137 franchises opened and gross revenues exceeded 8 million. Schwan’s took the blueprint and began to develop the rest of the United States.

Michael then built a boutique consulting agency assisting start-up ventures in plan development, capitalization, and launch. During those 8 years Michael consulted with hundreds of small businesses. Inuit Consulting then began acting as an angel investor in start-up projects while Michael took key director positions to help drive growth and profits. In his tenure as investor and board member, Michael began to grow medical service and product line companies. His unique shareholder perspective and well-rounded experience in the field led to the next phase of his career.

His latest undertaking is the ground up development of a cardiovascular and sleep medicine center of excellence. Combining outpatient diagnostic capabilities with inpatient clinic and an outpatient surgical center, Mountain Heart has become the largest and most referred to facility in Northern Arizona. This vertically integrated organizations combination of lean manufacturing techniques and superior patient satisfaction ratings has it being touted as a new model of medicine for the 21st century.

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