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Our world is increasingly being held together by computers and the connectivity provided by them. Now more than ever, technology is a vital tool to operating a business. While we need our computers to run seamlessly and without error, we also need to protect them from outside threats, especially when the business has high-stake data such as electronic patient health information (ePHI). Today’s rapidly growing technology sector allows businesses to work efficiently and in greater quantities. However, with increased technology comes increased vulnerabilities. Poorly managed IT means your practice may need costly emergency IT visits to get back up and running and lost billable time. It may also expose your practice to substantial fines and penalties for breaches of ePHI.

Our HIPAA-compliant IT strategies keep your patient’s data secure. Reduced downtime associated with emergency IT requests keeps your staff free to focus on care, billing, and growing your practice. Our Healthcare IT team provides federally required risk assessments and the necessary tools for you to stay on top of complex regulatory demands. Stay on top, stay healthy, and stay protected.