Charleen Wiley

Practice Manager, Front Range Pain and Medicine

Would you recommend Encompass to other medical practices in need of IT, Credentialing & Payer Enrollment Services?

What is it like working with Encompass?

What services did you utilize from Encompass?

Dawnisa Pabon, MD

Pediatric Anesthesia Associates

The Encompass team was great!!They were very thorough and responsive and really took the time to help us understand the data and the impact it has for the group.  Their analysis helped identify key areas for cost reduction and profitability that are instrumental in our strategic business planning.

Stephanie Collins

COO, Austin Retina Associates

As promised, Encompass reduced our expenses WITHOUT any changes regarding our vendors and the products that we love. Encompass is a valuable resource if you are open to a hassle-free way to reduce medical facility costs.

Joan Welsh

Growth Unlimited Professional LLC

I’m a semi-retired psychologist, who has relied upon Encompass for all my insurance billing for some 15 years. During this time, I’ve always appreciated the personal service that Encompass employees provide. They contact me by email or phone whenever there’s a question or problem, and patiently explain any complications. They’re real people, not anonymous drones in a room with a hundred cubicles. I sleep well, knowing that all the accounts are ready for any IRS inquiry that could possibly arise. I have recommended Encompass to my colleagues.

Kristin Price, RN

Facility Director Palisades Eye Surgery Center

The program has significantly reduced our medical supply related expenses WITHOUT changing vendors or products. This whole process has been simple, easy and has required virtually none of our time.

Richard Greco, MD

The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery

Encompass has developed a system to keep our costs under control. This savings has allowed us to use those funds to grow our practice.

Lynn Wolff

CEO Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow, PC

We have several GPO contracts, but the program’s benchmarking data is what took several of our vendor’s pricing to another level.

Robert Lee, MD

Partner at Medical Center Anesthesiology of Athens

At Medical Center Anesthesiology of Athens, we are proud to have partnered with Encompass to perform a compensation benchmarking analysis and coding audit. Encompass provided us with the critical insight we needed and we were able to use their findings in our business strategy.

Michael Sousa, MBA

President Verity, A Heatlhstream Company

At Verity, A HealthStream Company, we have a passion for transforming the provider experience, freeing up caregiver’s time to focus on delivering the best patient care. We are proud to partner with organizations such as Encompass Healthcare Data Solutions who have a similar passion. Encompass’ clients benefit from real-time status reports to boost client satisfaction and a comprehensive tracking system with over 200+ automated workflows to ensure compliance and efficiency. We are proud to support Encompass’ best-in-class innovation and efficiency!

Jessica Morton

Practice Manager A Step Ahead

I am ecstatic that Encompass will be taking over credentialing. It is a huge obstacle and I’m very thankful for the help. The billing team has been fantastic. I know that it has been slow going but I feel that speed is picking up. Calm is quietly overtaking chaos.

Christine Lum Lung, M.D., SFHM

CEO/Medical Director Northern Colorado Hospitalists, PLL

Our hospitalist company utilized EHDS Human Resources division to assist us in our search for an Executive Assistant. The HR team partnered with us every step of the way during the process. They started by asking thoughtful questions in order ensure that we were seeking the right candidate. Once the job description was developed, they took ownership of the tasks of posting it on line and of performing all of the initial screening of applicants. The HR team provided us with extensive notes from the phone interviews that captured the tone and character of the candidates in a way that felt as if we had already spoken to them ourselves. The HR team understood the importance of streamlining our time commitment and selected a few candidates that they felt were exceptional and met our criteria. The HR team helped coordinate the interviews, assisted in drafting interview questions and sat in during each interview to provide us with their insight. Once we found the ideal candidate, they worked with us to develop a job offer and when the Executive Assistant arrived, they even helped with on boarding and training. We are very grateful for the assistance the EHDS HR team gave us. Their expertise and professionalism exceeded our expectations.