Christine Lum Lung, M.D., SFHM

January 30, 2019

Our hospitalist company utilized EHDS Human Resources division to assist us in our search for an Executive Assistant. The HR team partnered with us every step of the way during the process. They started by asking thoughtful questions in order ensure that we were seeking the right candidate. Once the job description was developed, they took ownership of the tasks of posting it on line and of performing all of the initial screening of applicants. The HR team provided us with extensive notes from the phone interviews that captured the tone and character of the candidates in a way that felt as if we had already spoken to them ourselves. The HR team understood the importance of streamlining our time commitment and selected a few candidates that they felt were exceptional and met our criteria. The HR team helped coordinate the interviews, assisted in drafting interview questions and sat in during each interview to provide us with their insight. Once we found the ideal candidate, they worked with us to develop a job offer and when the Executive Assistant arrived, they even helped with on boarding and training. We are very grateful for the assistance the EHDS HR team gave us. Their expertise and professionalism exceeded our expectations.

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